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  • Going in for an abortion? Know what to expect

    Spread the loveHow to decide, which abortion method is safe for you? If you are going in for an abortion you should know what to expect. Before any medicine is given or procedure performed you will get a physical examination. The doctor must be informed about any medicines which you may be on. You will have an ultrasound scan to Continue Reading...

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  • When surgical termination of pregnancy is the only option

    Spread the loveWhen surgical termination of pregnancy is the only option ... A surgical abortion involves the removal of the pregnancy, that is the foetus and it’s tissues, through the vagina by surgical means. Doctors commonly advise termination of pregnancy with surgical termination of pregnancy if the pregnancy is more than 8 weeks. At which stage do doctors advise termination Continue Reading...

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  • Medical termination of pregnancy: how it is done?

    Spread the loveHow is medical termination of pregnancy with pill or injections done? Women mostly find out they are pregnant as soon as they miss a period, that is at a very early stage in the pregnancy. There is no need for panic as medical termination of pregnancy with pill or injections can be carried out up to 49 days of pregnancy. Continue Reading...

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  • Beauty and The Beast
    The Perils of Being a Social Media Butterfly Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast…… Since time immemorial, beauty and the beast have walked hand in hand; only difference being that in the fairy tale, the beauty saw through the Beast’s gruff exterior and understood what he is like on the inside. Whereas Continue Reading
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Health App - Laima App

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