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  • Post childbirth massages: A route to recovery

    Spread the loveIn India, traditionally, massages are given to all new mothers for a full 40 days post childbirth as a de facto means of recovery. The massage is usually given by a masseuse specially trained for this role. Usually the masseuse also massages and bathes the baby as well and charges a package rate for 40 days or a Continue Reading...

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  • Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation

    Spread the loveBenefits Of Yoga & Meditation Are Plenty, Whether You Are Pregnant Or Not! Whether your are in your Pre-Natal, Post-Natal phase or suffering from PCOS, ‘Yoga’ and ‘meditation’ are the two words that constantly run through our minds most of the days, either of their own accord, or each time we see a fit person or due to Continue Reading...

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  • The importance of Kegel exercises in a woman’s life

    Spread the loveWhy does the doctor keep asking you to do Kegel exercises when you are pregnant and after that? What makes Kegel exercises so important in a woman's life post pregnancy? Your uterus, bowels and bladder are basically supported by a floor of muscles called the pelvic floor muscles. During pregnancy and delivery these muscles can get strained and Continue Reading...

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  • Let’s Usher A New Sunrise
    Today is the International Girl Child Day and the existence of this day is a constant reminder of the fact that there is an imbalance, that something is a miss. All of us know the difference between the right and the wrong due to the torrent of movements and information addressing women's rights, empowerment, foeticides, infanticides. The awareness is out Continue Reading
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