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Practice as you go. Any device, anytime, anywhere.


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No Lock-in costs.

Migration from existing systems.

Unlimited Users.

Rs. 149/Day for your Primary Doctor.

Rs. 49/Day for all other Doctors.

First two months free.

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Do you feel one-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to patient profiling for Gynecology?

We help you do just that. And to ease your burden, your assistant or the patient herself can add and maintain the information too!

How many times have you received phone calls from patients or your clinics and you wished you had the patient data at your finger tips?

Doc N Me offers web, tablets and mobile access to all your patient’s vitals, charts, visits, prescriptions and records.

How many times in a day do you answer this question - ‘when do I see you next Doctor’ ?

Our treatment protocol workflows assist you to share the complete treatment reminders along with instructions to your patients so they never miss an appointment or scan or test.

How often you feel there was a lot more you would want to share with the patient but there’s not enough time?

Doc N Me makes it easy for you with our treatment protocol workflows that assist you to educate your patients consistently and in the right context.

Do you wish you could stay connected to your patients offline even outside the consulting room and guide them in their moments of anxiety in a more formalised manner?

We have formalised the doctor patient communication to let you help your patients while keeping unsolicited communications at the bay.

Do you hate losing eye contact with your patient in the consulting room while writing almost the same medications over and over again throughout the day?

Store away all your common prescriptions and instructions and access them with a click or two, in all the languages your patients understand!

Have you written off that practise on cloud is not for you due to unreliable internet connectivity?

We have solutions for you to maintain business continuity. Didn’t we tell you we understand you!

Do you agree that effective appointment management is the key to better patient satisfaction and experience?

Doc N Me offers a comprehensive receptionist module. Add, remove, track appointments. Update doctor status and leaves online.

Do you believe analytics is the right approach to truly drive quality and business outcome improvements ?

To help you make effective business decisions, we generate the reports you ask! Multiple drill downs and export to excel facility.

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