A Few Words About Us

Our Mission

Empower every women in India with easy access to a skilled healthcare professional

About us

Women's health care is perhaps one of the most challenging and neglected sector. On one hand urban women struggle for space for compliance and validated information; where as Rural women can barely find access to a doctor on the resources to understand their treatment program.

Doc N me is a comprehensive adaptable solutions for challenges encompassing both these scenarios. We let a doctor access, analyze and register a patient information with in minutes. The next time your patient walks into you cabin, with Doc N Me you could know their history like the back of your hand. Our cloud based, clincal management software for OBGYN practice provides all the solutions you would ever need -on device of your choice


We’re a team of enthusiastic, like minded individuals with a passion to deliver excellent quality of healthcare to every woman in India. We believe that the way to do this is to simplify a doctor’s practice, and to empower women to be involved in their own health. Our idea was conceived in January 2015, in the remote villages of Andhra Pradesh. We participated in social health program for effectively improving health indicators among women and children with a not-for-profit organization. It brought out a multitude of disparities that exists in women’s healthcare in India. The project also brought out how easily the less-literate rural women could adapt to the mobile technology. That is where our journey began.

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