10 Reasons To Not Skip Sex Education

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Young kids these days have exposure to anything and everything. Therefore, it's necessary to provide them with the right knowledge so that they have right frame of mind. This will aid in healthy decision making later in their lives.

As they grow up, they will have to face important and unavoidable situations wherein they have to make decisions about their sexuality, relationships, which will have significant and life long impacts.

   Why early sex education is important?

  1. From early age children are exposed to sexual imagery from all around. As their bodies develop, their hormones react and get naturally curious about sex. This curiosity drives them to learn about sex from wherever they can: friends, media and other sources.However, the information that they manage to gather is scanty and often inappropriate. Most youngsters know little or nothing about reproductive anatomy and contraceptive methods. Many have vague ideas about pregnancy.
  2. Everyone needs to learn about sex before they experience it. For some reason we adults are reluctant to talk to them about it. We feel we are encouraging them to indulge in sex if we talk about it, but it's actually the other way round.Half baked facts from peers and unreliable sources won't help. Scientifically accurate information from parents or trained teachers will help youngsters make proper, informed choices about themselves.

    Sex is not a taboo, stop refraining from saying the word.

  3. Sex is a basic trait of being human. Whether we get it from books, movies, online or from our relationships. When children are given healthy sex education they defer having sexual relationships till such time as they deem proper. If we discuss sex issues openly, in healthy way, teenagers tend not to gravitate towards it out of curiosity.
  4. As kids grow, they need information about sex as much as they need information about other aspects of life. Prior education aids in making informed decisions about relationships, sexuality and behaviors.
  5. Awareness about their bodies, what growing up actually means, is imperative. Along with the understanding of genital anatomies.Information about puberty and reproduction should be given normally and naturally. Abstinence, contraception, sexual violence, gender identity and sexual orientation should be included, categorized in age appropriate levels.
  6. One can prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  Youngsters can begin to understand the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. They can be taught to assert their rights around sexual activity. Resolve conflicts and communicate their fears and desires effectively.With an understanding of sexual violence, how not to indulge in it and how to resist it. They can also be taught how and why they should opt out of an unhealthy relationship.

    It is not just education but empowerment too.

  7. This can empower both girls and boys. Teens begin to understand the changes in their bodies and learn to respect it. This enables to have control over themselves and the confidence. They are empowered to say no to premature sexual activity.
  8. Teaches to respect oneself and the right over their bodies. Also, the difference between consent and forcing oneself on another. It also teaches that people of different sexual orientation be granted both dignity and respect.Youngsters risk their lives when they remain unaware about sex. Sex ed teaches that keeping away from sex is the only 100 percent effective method of preventing HIV, STD, and unintended pregnancy. It also teaches that abstinence is a valid choice which anyone has the right to make.
  9. In India, as the major section of the society lives below the poverty line, alternate methods of education must be tried. Film screenings and visual media talking about STDs and life-threatening diseases are a few suggestions. Apart from that, free health camps should also be set up to supply condoms and to offer advice on contraception.
  10. Sexual health education will affect young people’s lives more profoundly than any other subject. A young aware individual can lead a happy, safe an fulfilling life.

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