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Happy Women’s Day: Gift Yourself A Healthier You With Doc N Me

Start Healthy Living From This Women's Day With Doc N Me:

Slight pain in lower abdomen, skin rash, weight loss, slight headache… Ok, what do these sound like? Yes, they are symptoms. But no, these are not symptoms that I mentioned to my doctor. You got it right! These are symptoms I chose instead to tell Google God so that it could wave its magic wand and tell me what I am suffering from. Let’s check it out… Appendicitis? Nah, can’t be. Ok, let’s move on… Gastritis? That’s it? I don’t think so. Wait a minute! Colon cancer?!!!! At this point, I start to panic. Before I go paranoid, better sense prevails; I take a deep breath and decide to speak about my symptoms to the right person instead. I book an appointment with my doctor.

Women's health needs to be front and centre - it often isn't, but it needs to be 

- Cynthia Nixon

A lot of women have been through this. Women try to find health solutions on the Internet due to lack of time to actually visit a doctor or due to priorities that somehow seem higher on the list than our own health. The dizzying amount of information on the Internet often puts you off track when it comes to health-related issues.

Although some of the medical information on the Internet is checked and validated by recognised publication or health resources, a lot of information is not verified or validated. It might be out there to lure patients into buying a product or might just mislead people. You are not talking to a verified or trusted doctor at the other end who can give you informed medical advice.

Ask Your Doctor:

Obstetricians and gynaecologists care for women’s health at every stage of their lives. You might be having any health issue, and your doctor is sure to have dealt with other patients with the same problem. Trust your doctor and reach out to them for assistance, rather than typing away on your computer, desperately looking for a solution that you can eventually not trust. Reaching out to your doctor on time is sure to reduce your gynaecological health problems, such as fertility problems, urinary incontinence, and others.

Doc N Me Can Help:

Chuck information that you can’t trust. It’s time to do away with contradictory and confusing information that the Internet throws at you. Move a step ahead; reach out to your doctor at a time convenient for both of you. This is where Doc N Me can help.

Doc N Me provides an excellent collaboration platform that promotes smooth and timely interaction with your doctor.

Phone calls and messages to doctors are not effective ways of communication. Every time you call or message, not only do you have to start by introducing yourself, you also need to provide a brief history to your health conditions.

Doc N Me solves this problem on a platter. It provides a secure, convenient and efficient way of communication with your doctor. The software enables the doctor and you to maintain a record of your visits to the doctor, prescriptions, observations, your health history and so on. If you have any follow-up question, all you need to do is engage with your doctor on Doc N Me instead of visiting the doctor again when you are anyway time-crunched. One look at your profile on Doc N Me, the doctor immediately recalls your history and is able to respond to you at his/her convenience. You have the added benefit of access to a sea of reliable and validated information that helps you enhance your knowledge about health and well-being.

Stay in touch with your doctor with Doc N Me.

Try out Doc N Me, the web version or the mobile app from this women's day. Trust the right person for any queries on health issues. It’s a big no to the Internet for your health symptoms and possible causes. Contact Doc N Me to get a preview of an enhanced healthcare experience.

Doc N Me salute to the spirit of womanhood and Doc N Me wishes all its patrons a Happy Women's day!!!

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