Monthly Archives: August 2016

Doc N Me featured in Express Computer

Doc N Me got featured as an healthcare startup, transforming and upgrading the healthcare in India, in the Computer Express Magazine. In healthcare, technology has completely changed the way doctor-patient interact with each other. A lot of these changes can be attributed to startups, as tech savvy new players are finding novel ways to tap…
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Its High Time We Talk About Women’s Health

Why is the Female Body treated as a confusing, Mythical Anomaly? At 11, I stumbled into the toilet with my eyes barely open, when I saw a big red patch on my favourite pyjamas. I pulled my pants down and felt a stream of blood trickling down my legs – while my pants looked like…
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What Did The Supreme Court Case of Miss X Teach Us?

Mumbai’s Miss X Case: Mumbai’s Miss X has taken India’s Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 by a storm. Recently, The Supreme Court gave permission to terminate her 24-week old foetus, owing to its severe abnormalities and incompatibilities with life. This triggered a nationwide debate, with experts and ethicists arguing that India really needs to…
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