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Leaky bladder in women!

One of the common problems that women, especially older women face is a leaky bladder. Called urinary incontinence in medical parlance it is the accidental passing of urine. It can happen when the woman coughs, laughs, sneezes, or jogs. There may be a sudden urge to go to the bathroom but the woman can't get…
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No Morning Sickness-To worry or not???

Morning Sickness and nausea are the initial pregnancy symptoms women usually experience. Ok so, the good news of a pregnancy is linked with to your tummy. Yes, literally!! Before the womb indicates you are expecting, your stomach churns and you puke as soon as you get out of bed. That’s morning sickness. But not many women…
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IVF & Acupuncture- Hope for the Hopeful

Acupuncture and its effects on in-vitro fertilization (IVF) success are still being understood. The reason being, that former is a holistic approach and the later is scientific. Many couples and partner’s trying to conceive have successfully added a member or two to their family, thanks to this combination therapy. What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a…
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Conquer Menopause- Be the Change!

Any change is difficult to accept and so is the case of transition from a reproductively active woman to that of menopause. Women between 45 to 55 age experience menopause. In India, 48 is considered to be the average age. In a study conducted by Safdarjung Hospital, of the 252 menopausal women in Dichaon Kalan…
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