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Early marriage, the health risks & unchanged societies

Early marriage - Still practised in some parts of India for various reasons including early pregnancy. There has been much said and done about early marriages but we are yet to reach a milestone. Don't let the children bear the burden of back-dated societies.  J&K women oldest to marry, Jharkhand youngest, shows govt report Source :…
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Pre-eclampsia in pregnancy-Causes and Treatment

Pre-eclampsia is not uncommon in pregnant women and is caused due to high blood pressure during pregnancy. In pre-eclampsia there is a sudden, sharp rise in the blood pressure to more than 140/90 mmHg along with swelling of the face, hands and feet. The urine shows the presence of protein or albuminuria. This condition is…
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Dental Woes in Pregnancy- Story pregnant women can relate to

Don't Ignore dental woes Dental woes during pregnancy cannot be ignored and believe me it cannot be. Everything is not as beautiful as a womb story in pregnancy and dental woes are one of them. It’s difficult to control craving and pay attention to the sensitivity they cause. We try to eat our favorites anyways…
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Doc N Me honors motherhood on April 11-National Safe Motherhood Day

  In India, April 11 is marked as National Safe Motherhood Day. The White Ribbon Alliance, India (WRAI) for safe motherhood was established to preach and promote importance of nutrition and maternal healthcare in women of child-bearing and delivery status. Around 1800 organizations including NGO’s collaborated to motivate the Indian government to anoint April 11, Kasturba…
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