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Birth Control Pills and Pregnancy

Birth control pills are a wonderful method for preventing pregnancy. However, if the pills are not taken properly and as advised you could still end up getting pregnant. How so you might ask? Birth control pills maintain a constant level of hormones in your body. If you skip or miss a dose, your hormone levels…
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Amniotic fluid in pregnancy

What is Amniotic Fluid? During pregnancy, the fetus develops within a sac containing a special fluid called the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid has an important role to play in pregnancy. It maintains an even temperature for the baby and keeps it cushioned in safely. It gives the baby space to grow and move. It…
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This one is for you, Papa

Fathers are an irreplaceable part of a child's life. The sense of security a father gives is unparalleled. With the increasing involvement of fathers in a child's life, right from being present in the labour room to changing diapers, fatherhood is redefined. Being a girl, I know that a positive father-daughter relationship can have a…
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