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Detecting birth defects in the unborn child

Most babies are born normal. However 1 in every 40 babies will be born with some birth defects either in parts like heart, brain, foot or lip or in genes, chromosomes, heredity, chemistry. Why Birth defects? Birth defects can be a result of- 1. Genetics 2. Lifestyle choice 3. Smoking, drugs indulgence and alcohol consumption…
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Wonder Women to Bust your Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for women. Women are quite cautious and monitor every activity during their gestational period. One such frequently observed doubt is about pregnant ladies and exercising. A lot of women are apprehensive about the fact whether they should exercise or do any sort of physical work during pregnancy as it may…
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Cervical Cancer- Symptoms and Treatments

Be Aware of the Early Signs- During the early stages of cervical cancer there may not be any symptoms. However, there are some recognized symptoms associated with cervical cancer. These include: 1. Abnormal bleeding: both during or after sexual intercourse, or between periods 2. Post menopausal bleeding, if not on HRT or have stopped it…
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What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cancer is a general term used to describe uncontrolled, abnormal growth and division of cells. These cells are also able to proliferate and destroy surrounding tissue. Cancer cells have the ability to spread beyond the original growth area to other parts of the body via the blood or lymphatic system. These transplanted malignant cells are…
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