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Hyperthyroidism in 3 Minutes

What is Hyperthyroidism? Sometimes the thyroid gland goes into overdrive and keeps on producing more and more thyroid hormone. This can happen even when the pituitary gland completely stops TSH production in an effort to make the thyroid stop this excessive production. The thyroid does not heed the signal and continues to pour out thyroxine.…
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Understanding Your Thyroid

What is thyroid? It is a two lobed gland sitting in front of your windpipe in the center of your neck, just below the Adam's apple. The two lobes are joined by a narrow portion which gives the gland the shape of a butterfly. Though small, it has a major role in the regulation of…
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Menopause: The Best Thing Ever?

Now that you have successfully crossed over or are going through the "change" take a moment off to congratulate yourself as you enter the very best phase of your life. Ladies, I kid you not, from now on it is going to be only fun and games for you. Mull this over: Once your periods…
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Managing the Symptoms of Menopause

Symptoms and its management: Hot flashes  can be brought on by many factors, such as being in a warm or stuffy environment, a closed car, wearing tight clothing, consuming alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, smoking. Any stress can bring on a hot flash in a second. So avoid sugary drinks, desserts, caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods as…
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