Monthly Archives: November 2017

Because Age is Just A Number

Accepting the fact that we are growing old is not easy. As we age, we face self doubt, clouded by the fear of losing our youthful charm and beauty. Deteriorating health, loss of independence and the list goes on. Gaining in return wrinkles, sagging skin, arthritis, bad eyesight, hearing impairment and bad health. However, it…
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World Diabetes Day: The Silent Killer

This World Diabetes Day, let's talk about the implication of Diabetes on Pregnant Women. Gestational diabetes is one of the common complications of pregnancy. More than a million cases occur in India every year. What is gestational diabetes? Any diabetes or raised blood sugar levels detected during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. The diabetes might…
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Tips to Relieve Thyroid Symptoms

Diet Control: Go off all processed junk food and most importantly white sugar which really plays havoc with your hormones. l-glutamine, a key amino acid is vital in helping you cope up with the cravings. Avoid vegetables that contain goitrogens. These include cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and kale greens. Best is to steam them…
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Quick Read: Hypothyroidism

The most common disease of the thyroid especially in women is hypothyroidism or low production of the thyroid hormones. This causes the slowing down of all the mechanisms of the body making you listless, fatigued, cold and depressed. What causes an under active thyroid? There are a number of reasons for the thyroid to function…
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