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Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation

Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation Are Plenty, Whether You Are Pregnant Or Not! Whether your are in your Pre-Natal, Post-Natal phase or suffering from PCOS, ‘Yoga’ and ‘meditation’ are the two words that constantly run through our minds most of the days, either of their own accord, or each time we see a fit person…
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The importance of Kegel exercises in a woman’s life

Why does the doctor keep asking you to do Kegel exercises when you are pregnant and after that? What makes Kegel exercises so important in a woman's life post pregnancy? Your uterus, bowels and bladder are basically supported by a floor of muscles called the pelvic floor muscles. During pregnancy and delivery these muscles can…
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Frequently Asked Questions Post Childbirth

Questions and more question. First time or experienced, you have a number of questions post childbirth that need answers. Here are some of the questions we get very often that we have compiled for you. Do I and the baby have to stay at home for 40 days as required by tradition? It makes perfect…
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Understanding stretch marks and can we really avoid them?

Stretch marks: Temporary or companion for life? What are stretch marks and can we really avoid them? These are small silvery streaks in the skin that develop when the skin is stretched beyond its capacity. The elastic fibres just under the surface of the skin breakdown because of excessive stretching resulting in stretch marks. Stretch…
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