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Heart disease symptoms every woman should watch out for.

Are you ignoring your heart disease symptoms? Here is a check list of what symptoms to look out for. Firstly, check whether you have any heart disease symptoms that could be related. Do you have any unusual fatigue, any pain in the chest, arms, jaw or back, any swelling in the feet, breathlessness? Are you…
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Facts about heart disease in women you should know

 Facts about heart disease in women you should know Real threat of heart disease: Did you know that as a woman you face the very real threat of heart disease? If you have been assuming that it is something that happens only to men and that as a woman you are immune from getting a…
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Recovery post hysterectomy : Key factors to fast recovery

Factors for fast recovery post hysterectomy  : Your recovery post hysterectomy will depend upon a lot of factors. The first would obviously be the reason why you got the hysterectomy in the first place. If you had suffered a lot of pain or bleeding before the operation you might have already been in a weakened…
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Knowing types of hysterectomy

Know the types of hysterectomy you have been advised If you have been advised a hysterectomy it may be worth your while to get a little info on the types of hysterectomy and what it entails before you go in for it. You might have already gathered that hysterectomy is a surgery done to remove…
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