Taking most advanced laser treatment? You should know these steps.

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10 things to do before taking most advanced laser treatment:

Going in for an advanced laser treatment? Here are some things you must do:

Advanced Laser treatment is the latest and most advanced treatment we have in the present times, be it for the skin, eyes, female diseases or cancers. If you have been recommended most advanced laser treatment for any of these or other reasons there are certain things which you must do.

1. Know advantages of advanced laser treatment compared to conventional procedures:

Talk with your doctor as to why laser treatment would be better for you than  ; what are the advantages that there might be over other treatments and what other options there are.

2. Know about the possible risks of advanced laser treatment:skin laser treatment

Do not hesitate to ask the doctor or operating surgeon what side effects there could be. You can be direct and ask him what could go wrong during the operation and what the worst case scenario might be so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to go ahead with the laser treatment or not.

3. Find out more about the doctor's success stories in laser treatments:

You must ascertain that the doctor has appropriate training, certification, licensing and good experience in the particular procedure that he is going to perform for you. For example, a doctor who has been trained to perform LASIK or eye surgery is not qualified to operate on the skin, and vice versa. The laser machines that are used could also be different. The proficiency of the operating surgeon for that particular procedure may be the single most important factor in the success of the procedure.

4. Ask beforehand, the number of sittings that might be required to cure your condition:

You must also find out what the potential cost of the treatment as well as the number of sittings that might be required for cure of your condition. For example, in skin conditions one may require only one session for destruction of skin growths, 3-5 sessions for acne scars, 4-8 sessions for hair removal but upto 8-10 sessions for vascular birthmarks. The more the number of sessions that would be required the more your costs are going to be.

5. Inform the doctor about all the serious medical problems you have:

If you are pregnant or have some serious medical problems like cardiac or pulmonary disease, diabetes, compromised immune system, or advanced cancer you must inform the doctor as some procedures cannot be carried out in your case.

6. Get a physical exam done to check your fitness for the procedure:

The doctor will take a detailed medical history and do a physical exam to check for fitness for the procedure. You may need to take some medicines or apply some ointments for a few weeks before the procedure.

7. Get more awareness about the side effects of laser treatments:

Side effectsYou should also be aware that laser treatments have their own set of side effects which are quite different from those of conventional surgery. While bleeding, chances of infection and recovery time are reduced and effectiveness and healing is enhanced with lasers as compared with conventional surgery, you must not forget that essentially tissues can get burnt especially in the hands of a not-so-experienced practitioner of laser machines. Organs and skin have been known to get burnt. In operations on the eye, corneal burns are not so common but there still could be some redness and pain.

8. Take care about the eye protection, if treatment is related to face:

For any operation on the face, eye protection is a must both for the patient as well as the doctor. Eye patches are usually used to cover the eyes for treatments on the face. Clothes and hair could catch fire so these must be firmly tucked away from the operating area. There is also the danger of electric shock if the wires have not been properly insulated.

9. Take proper rest:

After the treatment you will need to rest for a couple of days as in conventional surgery. There could be some redness and swelling over the area.

10. Follow the doctor's suggestions strictly:

You must strictly follow the doctor's orders regarding medicines, dressings and avoiding the sun. Recovery time would depend upon the reason for the treatment, age, and other factors.

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