Doc N Me honors motherhood on April 11-National Safe Motherhood Day

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In India, April 11 is marked as National Safe Motherhood Day. The White Ribbon Alliance, India (WRAI) for safe motherhood was established to preach and promote importance of nutrition and maternal healthcare in women of child-bearing and delivery status. Around 1800 organizations including NGO’s collaborated to motivate the Indian government to anoint April 11, Kasturba Gandhi’s Birthday, as National Safe Motherhood Day.  April 11 is a celebration of motherhood and the objectives have always been to create awareness about importance of healthcare during both the pre-and postnatal period. Motherhood isn't a designation rather it's a journey.

National Safe Motherhood Day 2016

Taking April 11 on a serious note Doc N Me honors “motherhood”, the status attained as soon as a woman conceives and stays with her till she delivers and after.  Honoring these women with services of optimum care before, during and after delivery is what motherhood day celebration is all about.

Mothers have this ability of connecting dots when their children are silent or speak in pauses and they lend their patient ears to all your ailing talks. But why is it that we fail to address a matter as simple as healthcare which is necessary for mothers to live their lives as healthy as ever before and after giving birth. Confirmation of a potential pregnancy brings tears of joys and a long list of what-not-to-do’s but the mention of pre-natal vitamins are given a miss.

The objectives set by WRAI to make motherhood safe are:

  • Bringing healthcare units together to improve and provide maternal health facilities at all levels
  • Ensuring employment of enough healthcare workforce
  • Establishing and enforcing policies that would help maternal care flourish
  • Provide training and technology to improve healthcare efficiency
  • Inspire to perform

Apart from April 11, WRAI gets together on several occasions to put forth campaigns and get activities going in the direction of pre-and post natal care. In this age to technological advances, women dying during birthing process are a sad plight for the entire humanity. Levels of care starting from proper nutrition to effective delivery practices should be in order to protect and nourish life. Apart from increasing awareness among the women folk about education and hygiene, household together should also be advocated on issues on conception and delivery. A unit performs better than a single fragment alone.

We @ Doc N Me, believe from our deepest consciousness that a pregnancy care is every woman’s basic fundamental right. With this notion in mind, we have the Laima app build for the expectant mother and the SmartPractice (Lite) management app built for the gynec doctor. Doc N Me is trying to bridge the gap and provide a solution for effective healthcare maternal facility through technology.

The initiative undertaken by Doc N Me is to provide clinical advices to the expectant mother in the comfort of their home from a gynec doctor through our interactive global device. This enhances not only patient care experience but also allows interaction throughout the stages of pregnancy without having to come down to the clinic. Doc N Me wants to place maternal ahead of the queue and not in line because mother’s mean the world to us.

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