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When surgical termination of pregnancy is the only option

When surgical termination of pregnancy is the only option ... A surgical abortion involves the removal of the pregnancy, that is the foetus and it’s tissues, through the vagina by surgical means. Doctors commonly advise termination of pregnancy with surgical termination of pregnancy if the pregnancy is more than 8 weeks. At which stage do…
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Birth Control Pills : Are they really safe?

Birth Control Pills to regulate periods You can ask almost any woman out there, and she will agree – periods mean trouble! And we are not just talking about the pain and the discomfort. Unfortunately, periods do not work like clockwork. They could be early, late or you might even skip a cycle completely, for…
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The Pros And Cons Of Condoms

What is a Condom? A condom is a contraceptive sheath that is pulled over the penis before intercourse to prevent the semen from entering the vagina. This is a barrier method used by males. Knowing the pros and cons of its usage also equips the woman to make an informed choice as to the best…
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Risks Of Using An IUD

5 risks involved with IUD- The serious risks of using an intrauterine device (IUD) is accidental perforation of the uterus which usually occurs during insertion. Normally, the doctor will measure the length of the uterus with an internal sound before the insertion. The device should not be inserted if the uterus is less than 6…
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