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When women opt not to have children

Women who choose not to have a child are often labeled as Selfish, Greedy, Shallow, Over-Educated, Cold Heated and in numerous denigrating words. However, this may not be the case with every feminine individual. A patient of mine, a young woman in her thirties came to me for some minor health problem. As I began…
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Birth Control Method | Options to Prevent Pregnancy

It was easy for you to decide not to have any babies right now. However, deciding on the best birth control method for you can be quite befuddling. It might help though if you are aware of the options available to you so that you can decide what is just right for you. What exactly…
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Female Genital Tuberculosis – Causes, Treatment, Tests

Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis is one of the oldest diseases impacting south-east Asian countries including India and Bangladesh, where the bacteria is very rampant. Genital Tuberculosis: Female genital tuberculosis is fast emerging as a major health issue that affects fertility levels in women. Up to a decade ago only 10 percent of total tuberculosis patients suffered from…
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