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The emotional pain of infertility

The emotional pain of infertility. Infertility is commonly defined as the inability to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse.  Approximately 7.3 million women and their partners (about 12% of the reproductive-age population) are infertile. Women and Becoming Mothers: Women grow up assuming that one day they will be mothers. Right from playing with…
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Semen Analysis: What The Results Indicate

What does the analysis indicate? For conception to take place, sperm must swim hard, penetrate the egg, and transport viable genetic material. A semen test will measure- 1. Sperm count or concentration (how many sperm there are) 2. Sperm motility (how many of them swim) 3. Semen volume (how much semen is made). More comprehensive…
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Semen analysis: How To Go About It

Semen analysis is the single most important test of male fertility. It is proper to do a semen analysis early on in the evaluation of an infertile couple. To put a woman through medical procedures and tests without knowing the status of her partner’s semen, is unacceptable. In 50% of cases of infertility the male…
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Treatment and Management of Infertility

The prevalence of infertility over the last 30 years has been more or less the same. However, the number of people seeking treatment and management of infertility has increased substantially during this time. This increase is due to better patient awareness and access to services, and advances and improvements in fertility treatments. Treatment of male…
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