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This Mothers Day I would like to Share

Every year, we celebrate mothers day with a lot of pride. And it is rightly so. While we all enjoy all the attention given to us mothers, I have a small request to all my friends, especially those who have daughters. I know most of us have grown up with the notion that we are…
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Your First Period And What It Means

If you are one of the many girls who experienced a sense of shock on seeing your first period you are not alone. Thousands of girls come of age with no inkling as to what is happening to them and why. The red patch on their underwear takes them by shock. Something that is so…
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If you are having an unusually heavy period does that mean you have menorrhagia? No not really. No, not unless the bleeding is so severe that you soak through and have to change your sanitary pad. Menorrhagia basically means abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding. There also might be cramping and you are unable to carry out…
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The Taboos Surrounding Menstruation In India

What is Menstruation? Menstruation is a bodily process which happens to every girl. It is odd and confounding that something which is natural and has been happening since the beginning of time to all women should be so shrouded in secrecy, taboos, false beliefs, myths and isolate women from so many aspects of social life.…
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