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PCOS – Vitamins and other supplements to the rescue

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) is caused by hormonal imbalances in the female body. Women with PCOS tend to suffer irregular or missing menstrual cycles, spotting in between periods, acne, weight gain, facial hair, hair fall, depression, infertility, diabetes and even heart diseases. But what else can you do to improve your hormonal balance in PCOS? Taking…
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World Diabetes Day: The Silent Killer

This World Diabetes Day, let's talk about the implication of Diabetes on Pregnant Women. Gestational diabetes is one of the common complications of pregnancy. More than a million cases occur in India every year. What is gestational diabetes? Any diabetes or raised blood sugar levels detected during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. The diabetes might…
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Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Why is Diet Important in Pregnancy? A pregnant woman needs to pay special attention to her diet during pregnancy. This is because the main source of nourishment for the growing and developing baby comes directly from the mother. To ensure that both are receiving adequate nutrition, it's imperative to follow a healthy diet plan. Dieting…
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World Breastfeeding Week- Breastfeeding Myths Busted

So we do have a lot of myths about breastfeeding especially the first time mothers. Let us help you with some of them. I Cannot Lactate? No, of course, not. Breastfeeding is a natural transition after childbirth that almost 99% people achieve lactation. For some, it may be a little late ( around 3 days ) and…
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