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Is there such a thing as too much of a pregnancy?

The Godhbharai is a cultural event for plenty of Indian households. The blushing mother-to-be placed on a chair while her lap is laden with innumerable gifts. The event is held to bless the pregnant woman and her unborn child. The aroma of mithai fills the air and a festive cheer spreads across the room for…
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Biological Clock: What Your Gynecologist Wants You To Know

Biological Clock: Right, Time is Right Now!  Biological Clock: Right, Time is Right Now! Age is just a number; true that unless you are talking about getting pregnant. Deciding to become a parent is definitely one of the life’s most important decisions. However, this decision needs to be taken soon, taken now! The right time is now before…
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Morning Sickness During Pregnancy – Factors, Tips

"Morning sickness" is the uneasiness experienced by the pregnant women in the early pregnancy period. This experience is a mix of nausea and vomiting. For some pregnant women, the symptoms are worse in the morning and ease up over the course of the day, but they can strike at any time and, for most women,…
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