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Let’s Usher A New Sunrise

Today is the International Girl Child Day and the existence of this day is a constant reminder of the fact that there is an imbalance, that something is a miss. All of us know the difference between the right and the wrong due to the torrent of movements and information addressing women's rights, empowerment, foeticides,…
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Early marriage, the health risks & unchanged societies

Early marriage - Still practised in some parts of India for various reasons including early pregnancy. There has been much said and done about early marriages but we are yet to reach a milestone. Don't let the children bear the burden of back-dated societies.  J&K women oldest to marry, Jharkhand youngest, shows govt report Source :…
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World Population Day 2016 – Invest In Teenage Girls

Invest in Teenage girls Throughout the world and especially in India, teenage girls face some serious challenges. Many had considered ready for marriage and motherhood as soon as they come of age. In urban as well as in rural India, sexual autonomy still had frowned against. Most young women do not have any knowledge about…
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