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Signs of Autoimmune Diseases To Watch For

How will I know whether I might have an autoimmune disorder? There are certain signs and symptoms that you may experience if you have an autoimmune diseases. You may have a few of these symptoms or a combination of many. You could have fatigue, low fever, joint pain, inflammations, weakness, cold or heat intolerance, tremors,…
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Endometriosis: Some misconceptions and myths

Endometriosis is a complex, frustrating, chronic problem that afflicts many women. There is a general lack of awareness and understanding of the condition which leads to many wrong conceptions about it. The severe menstrual pain of endometriosis is often passed off as normal period pains. Even doctors dismiss cases of severe cramps as "it happens"…
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The Colour of Vaginal Discharge & What It Tells You

Vaginal discharge is an everyday occurrence in many women’s lives across the world, but what is it really? Does the change in its colour over the course of a month or even the course of our lives mean anything different or specific? Or are we just supposed to accept the God-gifted sensation of wetness quietly?…
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Post childbirth massages: A route to recovery

In India, traditionally, massages are given to all new mothers for a full 40 days post childbirth as a de facto means of recovery. The massage is usually given by a masseuse specially trained for this role. Usually the masseuse also massages and bathes the baby as well and charges a package rate for 40…
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