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Heart disease risk and how women can reduce it.

Know the heart disease risk for women and steps to reduce it. As a woman, you need to take your heart health into serious consideration. This is especially true if you have a family history of heart disease, have a congenital heart defect, if you have diabetes, hypertension, are overweight if you smoke or are…
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Taking most advanced laser treatment? You should know these steps.

10 things to do before taking most advanced laser treatment: Going in for an advanced laser treatment? Here are some things you must do: Advanced Laser treatment is the latest and most advanced treatment we have in the present times, be it for the skin, eyes, female diseases or cancers. If you have been recommended…
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Understanding lupus treatments: How to live with lupus ?

Living with lupus: What are your treatment options? Even though lupus is a potentially serious condition, most people with the disease go on to live normal lives. Lupus treatments have become much more effective and the disease can be managed well. Most patients can live their full life spans with good treatment and management. Medicines…
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How is Lupus treated?

How is Lupus treated? There is no known cure for lupus at present. The disease can also often be life threatening in so many ways. However, in spite of these two facts, the course of the disease can be effectively managed and most patients go on to live, long, normal and healthy lives. How complex…
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