Conquer Menopause- Be the Change!

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Any change is difficult to accept and so is the case of transition from a reproductively active woman to that of menopause.

menopausal Stats

Women between 45 to 55 age experience menopause. In India, 48 is considered to be the average age. In a study conducted by Safdarjung Hospital, of the 252 menopausal women in Dichaon Kalan village, Najafgarh, New Delhi, 225 (89.3%) experienced menopause symptoms.


Now many women see this transition as a game changer. Newer insecurities creep in; the hormone reflexes are affecting your moods, sleep, diet and everything around isn’t like what is used to be.

Well, allow me to shed new light at the topic of Menopause. Although it’s an organized section of a female life cycle, few liberating talks about this change float around. No destination was or will be reachable without a few speed bumps.

What is this energy drain?

No, it’s not an energy drain. You are yourself but have gotten a little conscious and watching your every move. Any sign of unsatisfactory work and you label yourself as an old lady.

Well, a lady yes buy old may be not. Don’t let anyone tell you that the future ahead of this change is going to be difficult or other premonitions. You haven’t seen the future nor did they.

The lack of energy you are experiencing from menopause could be the gloomy thoughts of your minds and nothing else. Did you know that change in negative attitude or thoughts could actually reduce menopause symptoms?

Don’t let the change affect you. In fact be the change!

Absence of thoughts can lead to a disheartening moments. Don’t let menopause affect your chemistry with your loved ones. Laugh on yourself and share the jokes with your family. Take up a hobby. This will ensure you take your mind off menopause and its symptoms.

During menopause, you need your muscles to relax. Anxiety tightens muscles so avoid it. Positive emotions, thoughts, creativity can reduce symptoms like hot flashes, pain, and post-menopausal syndrome.

Get connected

The idea here is to get you socially connected so that you have your own social support group. Share your thoughts and seek advices on dealing with menopause. This will help you be to aware but in a lighter manner.

Be in the moment

Focusing on the moment and enjoying it will help you feel better and brighter. worrying about what's going to happen next will elevate symptoms. This kind of worrying will affect your moods for certain and negative aura is not good.

Source: Make Your Menopause a Positive Experience

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