Duck The Call, Says Your Doctor

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Duck the call, says the Doc

When should you call your doctor? Each one of us would have called our doctors several times, often hesitant and wondering if it’s the right time to talk to them.

For starters, its best to avoid calling your doctor. And no, it’s not because they don’t like talking to you… They are busy, seeing one patient after another, getting in and out of operation theatres, and managing their eating and sleeping time around it. Ok, it’s an emergency you say? Well, read on to know more

Today, studies show that consumers as a whole spend less time on the phone to make calls; however, patients are calling up their doctors more than ever before.

You might want to call your doctor just to avoid going to the clinic, clarify certain symptoms and medicines immediately after your visit, or you might call them because it’s an emergency.

You might even feel helpless at times if there’s no response to your call. But the story at the receiving end is very different.

A doctor or the doctor’s office is often having a hard time manning the phone calls. Talk to any doctor, and you will know that they aren’t trying to avoid patients’ calls; it's just their erratic schedules. No wonder, when you call the doctor’s office with questions, the receptionist asks you to make an appointment.

Try our Tips:

All of us want to build a continuous relationship with our doctors. That works well from both sides. Here are some tips on alternative approaches when you feel the urge to call your doctor:

Follow your instinct:

If you feel that you need to be examined based on your symptoms, don’t think about calling your doctor. Take an appointment, and be on your way out!

Don’t call especially if it’s an emergency:

When it’s an emergency, such as labor pains or a heart attack, don’t waste time on calling your doctor. Your presence of mind should tell you that you must first reach a hospital. Inform the hospital and then let them inform or consult your doctor.

Avoid calls day or night:

Of course, it is better to call your doctor during the day, rather than late at night. However, you must totally avoid calling your doctor, whether it’s morning, lunch break, weekend, or an unearthly hour. For anything important, text your doctor instead.

Text a specific question:

Having established that texting your doctor is better than calling them, ensure that you are specific and clear with your question. Remember that you cannot solve your health issues through texting. Doctors are busy, they’ll appreciate it if patients keep it short and direct.

Be patient:

You’ve texted your doctor, but hell you haven’t received a response. You wouldn’t appreciate if the doctor fiddles with his/her phone while examining you or while operating on a loved one, do you? The doctor might just be doing that, caring for a patient when you sent that message. Wait patiently for a response before bombarding the doctor with follow-up messages.

So, when not to call your doctor? Yes, the answer is all the time! Texting is a good option for non-emergency situations. And if it’s an emergency, just leave to the hospital. Help the doctors to help yourselves. Reducing phone calls is sure to assist doctors to cater to their patients better.

To bridge the gap between patients and doctors without depending on phone calls, Doc N Me has a solution. We enable a smooth and comfortable engagement between doctors and patients. Contact us for details on how we can help you in this endeavor.

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