Collaboration App For ObGyn Practice

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What is the Need for a Patient Collaboration app for ObGyn's Practice?

Generally, women need an access to healthcare services and they need to consult ObGyn more frequently, mostly due to biological reasons. Stereotypical thinking about women, their roles in society and in their families, their capacities, and their preferences has permeated health care in general and reproductive healthcare in particular.

Reasons for the Shortage of Skilled Professionals:

Studies suggest that most of the women delay going to the doctor — or avoid it altogether — for many reasons.

Child care and Motherhood also impacts the access to care. As many women say they don’t have time to go to the doctor, citing childcare problems or that they are not able to take the necessary time off from work.

Most women cite lack of transportation as a reason why she did not visit a doctor. Especially in Indian society, women mostly depend on adult male members of their family to take them to the healthcare facility.

The other existence reason, shortage of skilled professionals. Approximately, 30,000 doctors registered with the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI). Another 4,000-5,000 doing PG who had not registered yet and maybe another 35,000 odd out of the FOGSI fold. So there may be around 70,000 practising obstetrics/gynaecology doctors. There is a norm of one per 1,000 population but a ballpark shows India is about 40 percent short.

There are more than 70,000 new cases of cervical cancer. It is the second-most common type of cancer among Indian women, which had been reporting each year; India produces only one gynaecological cancer specialist each year to treat that mass of diagnoses.

Doctor-Patient Relationship:

The doctor-patient relationship has been and remains a keystone of care: the medium in which data are collected, diagnosis and plans are made. It accomplishes the compliance and healing patient activation and support are provided. The essential ingredients of a good doctor-patient relationship are communication, respect, confidentiality, professional honesty and trust.

Women, in general, like to go to their trusted doctors, always. Especially, since their relationship with the Obstetricians and Gynaecologists gets built over a longer episode of care. Especially, when it comes to maternity and fertility, women develop a stronger-than-professional kind of bond with their doctors.

Doc N Me - A Women-centric Cloud-based Healthcare App:

Doc N Me is India's first Women Patient and Obstetricians and Gynecologists connect platform. It has addressed these key issues by providing a women-centric cloud-based healthcare app where Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and their women patients walk the journey together towards high quality individualised, relationship-based healthcare.

For the ObGyn's, Doc N Me provides a cloud-based solution to manage their practice and extend their outreach. It allows the doctors to securely collaborate and communicate with patients, associates and peers. Doctors and their patients from a close-knit society where both benefit from the collaboration.

medical excellence

For the woman patients, Doc N Me provides a secure convenient and efficient way to manage communications with their own doctor.

Doc N Me helps them avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor's clinic by using the collaboration tools. These tools help to get answers from their own doctors for any follow ups and emergency situations. It also saves patient time by automated delivery for lab reports scans, prescription, notes.

Who Are We?

Doc N Me is a women-centric healthcare app where ObGyn's and their patients walk the journey together towards high quality individualised, relationship-based healthcare.

We are a strong team of like-minded professionals spanning from software experts to domain experts and advisors working towards a single goal: Every woman in India has access to a skilled health care professional for her needs.

Simplicity is our key to success and we have guided by passion.

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