Hysterectomy for heavy periods

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Hysterectomy for heavy periods :

If you have been advised a hysterectomy for heavy periods that are irregular and persistent, then there are options to control the bleeding without having to give up your uterus.

Options is to take birth control pills or a progesterone injection :

Hysterectomy for heavy periodsOne of these options is to take hormone treatment in the form of birth control pills or a progesterone injection. This will reduce the thickness of the built up uterine lining which is causing the excessive bleeding. The bleeding will thus become much less and may stop altogether. The downside of this treatment is obviously that you cannot become pregnant while you are on these medications. To get pregnant you will need to stop taking these drugs and instead take ovulation stimulating hormones.


 Another options for heavy periods :

1. Dilatation and Curettage or D&C :

Another option by which the thickened endometrium can be removed is through dilatation and curettage or D&C as it is popularly known. This is a small procedure in which the cervix is first dilated with gradual enlarging dilators so that a speculum can be passed through it into the uterus. A speculum is an instrument with a spoon or cup shaped ending. This is used to scrape off the excess growth of the endometrial lining. Bleeding will be lessened. The downside is that this procedure might have to be repeated after a couple of years.

2. Laser :Hysterectomy for heavy periods

There are other ways to reduce the thickened endometrium. One is through laser which destroys the lining through heat. This is called thermal endometrial ablation. The downside of this procedure is that it might leave scars inside your uterus effectively rendering you infertile. It also cannot be used if you have fibroids inside your uterus.

3. Hydrothermal system :

Another simpler way to ablate the endometrial lining is through a hydrothermal system. Hot water is instilled into the uterus and this destroys the uterine lining. Or other devices can be used to heat up the uterine cavity and destroy its lining. Ablation techniques can only be used for women who have completed their families and do not want to have any more children.

Alternatives to hysterectomyThe lining can also be removed by an operation called a trans cervical resection or a hysteroscopy which is a minimally invasive procedure. The whole lining of the uterus is resected. Bleeding can stop altogether or the woman may continue to have normal menstrual periods.

Endometrial polyps that are causing heavy bleeding can also be removed through hysteroscopy. So these are the options available to you if you want to avoid a hysterectomy for heavy periods.

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