Independence Day Special

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Seventy years ago, India was declared a free nation. Seventy years, since we achieved independence. In these years, we witnessed landmark events that define us today. From technological advancements to making a mark globally and being an economic epicentre, India has come a long long way. We are proud of our achievements and rightly so, but are we truly independent yet? Are we the nation that our flag bearers, reformers, freedom fighters envisioned? With uncountable social, political, economical issues rising and how, where are we? We did fight the battle with the outsiders, yes, but we are constantly fighting an internal war, which gradually is leading us to a perpetual darkness.

I see a young girl, I imagine her going through so many labels to finally understand her position in this society, to understand how she is suppose to behave, what clothes she should wear, whom should she talk, when should she get back home and the list goes on. I look at her and think, whether she has gained the 'maturity' to be acceptable. In a progressing independent nation, women, sadly are look down upon just because of the virtue of being a women.

From getting trained at a tender age about how to behave socially to tolerating taboos because they have periods, women face all the atrocities submissively. There is no answer to the call for help, for the raised voice against the tortures, but there is a definite audience to witness the torment. Women are being raped and the numbers don't seem to stop. Small girls, aged 2, 3, 4 - 10, are fighting for the permission to abort the foetus which is the result of the rape. We are punishing them for being sexually abused. We are punishing the victimised and killing whatever is left within them.
Numerous juggles between courts, police stations, to report and appeal for justice, lengthy legal procedures, all this doesn't indicate a free nation, does it?

We are not and will not be truly independent till we have a safe place for our women to walk freely, with no insecurities and fear, when there is no backlash after any kind of abuse, when people come to terms with the fact that women are not inferior, they deserve equal opportunities, they are free and have the freedom to live as and how they want. When there are no chains binding them, no abuse killing them, when individuality prevails, we will be free.

Happy Independence Day!


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