Let’s Usher A New Sunrise

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Today is the International Girl Child Day and the existence of this day is a constant reminder of
the fact that there is an imbalance, that something is a miss.

All of us know the difference between the right and the wrong due to the torrent of movements
and information addressing women's rights, empowerment, foeticides, infanticides. The
awareness is out there but acceptance is missing. It’s hard to break the moulds of age old
stereotypes to accept something we’ve always known.

This International Girl Child Day, we will not talk about all that, we won’t preach again. Instead,
we’ll talk about an angle women often miss. All too often we as women, find it easier to criticize instead of building ourselves up. Women need to remember everyday that they exist not only as daughters, mothers, spouses, siblings, but most importantly, as ourselves. This day is not to teach, it isn’t about biased sex ratios, but about valuing yourself as a women.

In Doc N Me’s two year journey, we have encountered numerous bittersweet instances painting
a clear picture. From a strikingly painful case of a man being solely bothered about his partner’s
virginity to the staggering number of cases of unprotected sex leading to unwanted pregnancy,
this is the stark reality of today. Children to young women ask Doc N Me about period cycles
and parents shy away from educating their daughters about basic sex education. Surprisingly,
there is a large number of women who are unaware of their own anatomies. The amount of
negligence pertaining is shocking.

Sadly, periods still come with the baggage of taboos and people inquire whether these
superstitions have any implication. How are they to cherish womanhood when the ones
victimizing and subjugating them are women themselves!

However, it is not so black after all. In one such case, a father of a motherless daughter was responsible enough to ask how to educate his daughter about periods. We need more such people to embark the change.

The crux is not just to give birth and accept a girl child, but it is also about her holistic development. This also involves educating them for their sexual rights. Women should know it is okay to say no. It is okay to not be ready for a child and ask for protection. It is okay to protect yourself from health hazards.

Why accept? Why can’t women assertively state what they want!

Girl Child Day is also about personal hygiene. Educating women of all ages to maintain
personal cleanliness is a requisite. One should understand that hygiene is not limited to just
washing hands, using sanitizer or drinking packaged water. It is about protecting yourself and
making informed choices. Choices involving something as basic as using and disposing the
sanitary napkin, to sex and protection methods. Remember, it is not always about the outer

Women often get entangled in the web of proving themselves to the society. And this is where
they lose.

Dear women, remember-

Learn to love yourself with all your flaws and scars. Let people call you names and pry you with
their judgemental eyes. Loving yourself will detoxify you off all your insecurities. Don’t expect
change from others, first change yourself. Be the woman you always want to be. The world is
colorful and real, survive in it. Only you can empower yourself.

Doc N Me aspires to make you informed and aware of your own body and offers to be the friend
you can confide in. With verified gynecologists on our platform, you can get answers to all your
queries without having to go anywhere. Celebrate womanhood, ‘cause if you do, then others will
too. Download LAIMA and cherish your existence.

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