Menopause: The Best Thing Ever?

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Now that you have successfully crossed over or are going through the "change" take a moment off to congratulate yourself as you enter the very best phase of your life. Ladies, I kid you not, from now on it is going to be only fun and games for you.

Mull this over:

Once your periods have stopped what do you get?

Freedom! Freedom from the monthly bleeding, the sanitary pads, the tampons, the messiness, the worry over the expected date or risk of leakage. No more pre-menstrual tensions, weight gains or bloating. No more cramps or discomfort. It is simply liberating and empowering to just plan and do everything without having to take one's period into account.

Be prepared also for the best sex of your life! No worries about pregnancy or birth control makes for greater spontaneity and fun with sex. Also since we are now mature enough to have understood our bodies and our sexual pleasures we are able and willing to ask for what we really need. If we have a deeply connected partner and a strong sense of our own self we can find a much more intimate and satisfying connection with our loved one.
The sex drive may go down a bit. On the other hand it may go up. Regular sex will increase the blood flow to your vagina and keep it supple and healthy. If you need to use a lubricant, a water based one will make things comfortable and nice for you. Change your mindset and try new things. Be adventurous. Now is the time when you can be it safely.

End of female woes!

Menopause can also be the end of other female woes for you. Take fibroids. If uterine fibroids have been giving you a tough time with pressure on the bladder, cramps and excessive bleeding, with the onset of menopause you can wave goodbye to those discomforts. Most fibroids shrink in size after the menopause as it is mainly oestrogen that they thrive upon. With a decline in the hormone levels the fibroids stop growing and become smaller easing up your symptoms.

Another misery to clear up are hormone dependent migraines. If you have been plagued by throbbing headaches coinciding with your ovulation or menstruation, along with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, all signifying migraines, then you may expect to look forward to a reduction of such episodes.

Many women feel a greater rush of energy after the menopause. Menopausal women feel better both physically as well as psychologically in spite of their age. They feel that the "change" signifies a new beginning, the change in the body freeing them of menstrual pains and concerns, and giving them a fresh start in life free of many social obligations as well.

Woman finally, have the time and inclination to take greater care of their health. That includes getting a heart check up, and a bone density test, a Pap smear and other tests. They are more inclined to make changes that will maintain and improve their health. They may take up yoga or Zumba classes or start some other physical exercise regime.

Women more often than not also now give themselves more time and care to do the things they  always wanted to: taking up painting or writing, going bicycling, sky-diving, travelling. living their dreams.

They reach a greater sense of self and identity, a greater sense of peace now that the hurly burly of rearing children, juggling home and career, the stress of maintaining relationships is at best over.

Identify your individuality and celebrate it. Be aware and ask a gynecologist of your choice while sitting at home , download LAIMA.

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