This Mothers Day I would like to Share

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Every year, we celebrate mothers day with a lot of pride. And it is rightly so. While we all enjoy all the attention given to us mothers, I have a small request to all my friends, especially those who have daughters.

I know most of us have grown up with the notion that we are impure when we have our periods. We grew up studying science but politely obeyed the customs as put forth to us by our elders. Our mothers in the early life and mother-in-law in the later, influenced our behaviour in ‘those’ days. Most of us have never questioned why are we not allowed to do puja during our periods. Now, as our daughters are going through the same phase, we are subconsciously passing on the same practices to them. I know many of you are also not allowed to enter the kitchen. I know you have followed it religiously and now, your school/college going daughters are also doing the same. Did it ever occur to us that we, and only we, have the power to stop this? Mothers passing on the wrong notions to the daughters and there, we have the next generation toe the same line.

Menstruation is not taboo. It's a biological event that happens in every girls life after she attends puberty and stays for at least 40 years repeating every month. It is more common phenomenon than viral fever or cold or cough.

But we, as a society, tend to keep in under wraps. We teach our daughters not to disclose she's menstruating to her family. It's something your daughter whispers in your years in those awkward situations. They whisper into their female friends ears when they are not prepared for their periods and have to borrow the pads. We teach them to lie to the father that they are having stomach ache, head ache, anything else but cramps when he is asking them to go and play outside. We silently signal their father not to push the matter further, while unknowingly our daughters are learning that periods is something to be ashamed of.

I will share a small incident of my life. We purchased our first house in Hyderabad in 2004 and had organised a vastu puja. On the eve of the puja, I started my periods. I told my mother I am going ahead with the puja, no matter what. I was totally prepared to confront the pujari who came from Birla mandir with his team the next day. As we sat for the puja, I told the pujari I am on my periods. To my complete surprise, he said, its alright. Its a natural cycle of your body and there is no reason why the puja can’t be completed as planned. We did the puja as normally as anyone else. We had a very happy and prosperous stay in that house and sold the same property almost 3 times the price we purchased it for in 3 yearstime. No other investment of ours has fetched us that kind of returns.

Bottomline, its in our hands to raise our daughters as period positive children. This Mother's Day , let's make a resolution: I will not ask my daughter to hide her periods or her cramps or her PMS when she is going through that phase. I will not tell her she's impure in those days. I will not lie and blame a stomach bug when actually I am going through hell due to cramps. I will not stop her from going to places of worship if she wishes to, during those days. Let openly talk about periods. only then will it be no longer a taboo.

We, at Doc N Me, believe in this. My periods are as normal as my other vitals like BP, Height, Weight etc. We work for women’s health and discussing the last menses date or quantity of flow is a normal conversation our team has. There is no awkward moments when we discuss work. Our small team at Doc N Me has got together to spread the awareness of this sensitive topic to the world with this video. Its scripted, directed, acted and edited by our enthusiastic team here, within our office. And I am very proud of them to come forth like this.

Please spare a little time to watch and share the video to spread the right message.

Tag your friends who believe in this philosophy. Tag your friends who should believe in this philosophy. Let's bring this change in our world. Let our daughters not think Menstruation is a taboo.

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