No Morning Sickness-To worry or not???

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Morning Sickness and nausea are the initial pregnancy symptoms women usually experience.

Ok so, the good news of a pregnancy is linked with to your tummy. Yes, literally!! Before the womb indicates you are expecting, your stomach churns and you puke as soon as you get out of bed. That’s morning sickness.

But not many women experience it. Many theories go on to explain this- hey!! You might be expecting a boy, or maybe you are too early for morning sickness.

Whatever be the old wives tales, when others are getting morning sickness you feel that you should too.

So let’s dig deeper and understand why no morning sickness?

When I was expecting in December 2015, I tested with a pregnancy kit and it came out positive but no morning sickness. I didn’t have my mom with me to calm my nerves down. In all the Bollywood movies that I saw, the expectant mother would just puke and everybody would be congratulating each other. Well, that didn’t here.

The allopathic doctors were not able to answer in affirmation about the morning sickness. I found solace with my husband’s friend who is a Unani doctor. He told me that hormones are responsible for the morning sickness and that women have this at varied levels. There is no test to check the hormone levels for morning sickness.

I got thinking over this. Ok, so if hormones are high enough to confirm a pregnancy, then they should be high enough to cause nausea. I took another pregnancy test and this time the test line was a shade lighter. Panicked, I called my husband and we rushed to the doctors. I was told I had an empty gestational sac. I was pregnant but I was also not pregnant.

It was devastating but I also felt relieved that no soul was harmed. An empty sac meant no baby. All the intuitions I had regarding loss of symptoms and no morning sickness had a reason.

The idea behind me sharing my experience is that if my doctor had my hormone profiling done since the beginning, I would have had a clear picture and prepared myself for what was to come. The dilemma of being pregnant and then not was too much to bear. Even though all emotions settle down at some point, a distinctive memory of a baby to be is developed.

Talking to a gynec from the very start of pregnancy is crucial and necessary. Answers to questions are needed for a safe pregnancy.

Be wise, download the Laima app and share all your thoughts and intuitions with a doctor. They are present to help women like us; we just need to reach out.

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