Proud to be a Gynecologist

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Sunday evening. 6.00 P.M., after our meeting, Dr Priya a Gynaecologist had planned to attend a family get-together and just then her phone rang, yet another time! It was an emergency, and Dr Priya apologised and was soon heading to the hospital. I just mumbled that I was sorry that her evening plan had to be cancelled. She smiled and said “Happens all the time, that’s how my job is!” and swiftly left the hospital.

Life of a Gynaecologist

During the course of my research for Doc N Me, I met many Gynaecologists and Obstetricians (OB-GYN) like Dr Priya, whose lives revolve around their patients.

Doctors staying off medication to avoid feeling drowsy, missing out on celebrating important events of their lives and missing meals to ensure that they are available to tend to their patients’ needs, is very common. You and I depend totally on these doctors, and they, in turn, live up to all that we expect and more.

Most women like to consult a female gynaecologist. This puts additional pressure on the doctor, who, like her patients, faces health issues common among women, and runs a household, like any other woman. She likes reading bedtime stories and eating dinner with family, just like you and me. Most of the time, patients take doctors for granted, without realising that they are one among us and have a family and life outside hospitals.

Obstetrics and gynaecology are challenging fields. Babies don’t adhere to office hours to be born! When it’s time, they want to embrace the world, be it a weekend, a rainy day, or midnight.

Doctors may need to work or wait for nights, weekends and holidays, guiding their patients through labour.

OB-GYN doctors have the most unpredictable work hours, making a planned schedule almost impossible. On an average, 30 patients and 10 minutes per patient, adding up to 60 hours a week! And it’s anyone’s guess how busy a doctor’s phone is. They receive up to about 20 phone calls in a day! Like me, you might just be recalling the number of times you’ve called your gynaecologist.

Leading the Way to Motherhood: Patient-Doctor Relationship

Ask your OB-GYN doctors, and they will tell you that they absolutely love what they do and wouldn’t trade their profession for anything else. Birth is nothing less than a miracle, and being part of this miracle is an unparalleled experience. What can be more gratifying than bringing a new life into this world?

The more OB-GYN doctors I meet, I am happy to learn that their thoughts resonate with mine and millions of mothers out there! After all, placing a baby in the arms of a woman who was told she could never be a mother, putting a smile on a patient’s face whose suffering was alleviated with correct diagnosis and treatment, is rewarding in its own right.

Over nine months of pregnancy, a woman develops a strong relationship with her gynaecologist. While you are pregnant or trying for motherhood, you will see your doctor at least 12 times. You build a relationship, and you want your doctor to know you by your name. Now wear the doctor’s hat who’s seeing several patients a day. Herculean task to remember all the names, don’t you think?

Along my journey with Doc N Me, my respect and adoration for obstetricians and gynaecologists has elevated to great bounds. I value their dedication, support and involvement in the health and wellness of women—you and me.

Doc N Me assures to help you — women and their doctors as you meander through the phases of pregnancy and delivery. Get in touch with Doc N Me to know how we can make your and doctor’s experience better!

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