Recovery post hysterectomy : Key factors to fast recovery

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Factors for fast recovery post hysterectomy  :

Your recovery post hysterectomy will depend upon a lot of factors. The first would recovery post hysterectomyobviously be the reason why you got the hysterectomy in the first place. If you had suffered a lot of pain or bleeding before the operation you might have already been in a weakened state and this will probably prolong your recovery time. Also whether you are generally fit or not, what your age is and the extent of the operation you have had will affect the time you need to recover fully. In general, however, recovery after a laparoscopic or vaginal surgery is much quicker than an surgery or one in which a lot of tissues have been removed.

After the operation, you will need to stay at the hospital for a few days. You will have bleeding from your vagina. This is quite normal. You could also be in a lot of pain especially if you have had an abdominal incision. However, this will be managed by giving you morphine or other surgery. You may find that you are still on a urinary catheter till such time as you are able to walk to the bathroom. Your incisions will be dressed daily till you go home. You may be a little constipated or suffer from trapped gas and abdominal discomfort but these can be managed with mild laxatives or stool softeners.

Do's and Don't's for recovery post hysterectomy :

recovery post hysterectomyOnce you are back home you must make it a priority to get proper rest. You can do light exercises and walking but you must NOT lift heavy weights, stretch upwards, bend down from the waist or do anything that would cause your abdomen to be stressed. Avoid sex and tampon usage for at least a month. You will suffer from some aches and pains in the back and abdomen for a while. However, if the pain increases or if you notice fresh bleeding or a bad smelling discharge from the vagina, have problems in urination, shortness of breath or chest pain be sure to contact your doctor.

Look after your abdominal incisions if any, as advised. Keep the area clean and dry. If you notice any oozing of pus or swelling in the incisional area, or if you develop pain, or fever with chills you again will need to see your doctor. You will be able to return to your normal routine and duties after about 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes it can take longer than that. Get all the help you can during this period.

Important Note:

Please note that after hysterectomy, you will never get your period again and you cannot get pregnant. If your ovaries have been removed, you will immediately enter early menopause. Adopt a healthy lifestyle such as brisk walking daily, a good nutritious diet, stress reduction and supplements such as calcium and Vit D.

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