All you need to know about Surrogacy vs Egg Donation

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It is said that giving birth to a life is the most beautiful part of womanhood. The delivery of a baby is nothing less than a blissful rebirth that every woman craves for!

But in many instances such as early menopause, infertility, and sometimes, even women born without ovaries; females are deprived of this beautiful joy of conceiving. At this point, the concept of 'egg donation' comes as a ray of hope.

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a concept wherein a woman donates her egg for assisted reproduction. This happens in cases of infertile couples, females with ovarian problems, and also, females with genetic disorders who do not wish to transfer their anomaly to their child by fertilising their own egg. Also in some rare cases, these eggs are frozen and preserved, only to be used by the same person. It is a procedure similar to the IVF therapy, wherein, a prior consent is taken from the donor. Following that, the donor undergoes and IVF stimulation therapy and the egg is retrieved. An egg is fertilised with the sperm in a laboratory, and it is planted in the uterus of the recipient. So what is the difference in surrogacy vs egg donation?

Surrogacy vs Egg Donation:

First of all, it is less expensive and has a high success rate. Secondly, You can have the benefit of bearing the child in your own womb and experiencing pregnancy unlike surrogacy, where the child is born by a surrogate mother. This enhances the emotional bond between the child and the mother. Also, the truth of the conception can be kept under wraps as it will be the recipient itself who will bear the child. The child will know of only one mother.

Now the question that arises, how confidential and safe is the process? Well, an egg donor is completely anonymous. Her details are kept confidential with the donor banks. The recipient is unaware of the identity of the donor and vice versa. This sometimes may lead to anxiety in the recipient regarding the features and traits that the child will genetically bear from the egg donor. To ease this, the basic features of the donor are kept into the record so as to match the recipient's criteria as closely as possible. Talking with respect to safety, prior to the procedure of egg donation, the donor is checked for optimum health and it is made sure that she is free from any kind of diseases or disorders.

As from the psychological point of view, egg donations help bring a hope of an offspring into lives of married childless couples. Although for the donor, sometimes, it may just be a monetary benefit. Also, egg donation may be considered a taboo by our society. But doesn't every good initiative take the time to be accepted?

Sperm donation is well heard of. But women are always more giving. And if a kind deed can bless someone with happiness for life...then why not!

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