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Understanding lupus treatments: How to live with lupus ?

Living with lupus: What are your treatment options? Even though lupus is a potentially serious condition, most people with the disease go on to live normal lives. Lupus treatments have become much more effective and the disease can be managed well. Most patients can live their full life spans with good treatment and management. Medicines…
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Some Beneficial Exercises During Pregnancy

Now that you have learnt the rules to safe exercising during pregnancy you can start your exercise routine. On average you should be devoting some 20 to 30 minutes for exercise during pregnancy. Whatever exercise you opt for make it a daily routine or work out at least 5 days in the week. Many gyms and specialty centers offer fitness classes…
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The Dos and Don’ts Of Exercising In Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for you in so many ways. However, before starting or continuing with an exercise program there are some guidelines which you must follow to keep yourself and your baby safe. Your doctor may advise you not to exercise if: You have persistent vaginal bleeding. If you've had a premature baby,…
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Exercising in Pregnancy: Should or Shouldn’t?

About 2 decades ago pregnant women were advised to rest, relax and not exercise too much in their 'condition'. They were discouraged from climbing stairs, carrying weights, bending or stretching for fear that the baby in the womb get harmed in some way. Since then, there has been a sea-change in this attitude. Doctors in…
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