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Women with diabetes chance to gets Heart disease

 A chance to get heart disease in diabetics: Women with diabetes need to be extra careful to prevent heart disease as heart disease is the most common cause of death in diabetics. Diabetes is a chronic disease in which lack of insulin causes reduced uptake and utilisation of glucose at the cellular level. This causes…
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Heart disease symptoms every woman should watch out for.

Are you ignoring your heart disease symptoms? Here is a check list of what symptoms to look out for. Firstly, check whether you have any heart disease symptoms that could be related. Do you have any unusual fatigue, any pain in the chest, arms, jaw or back, any swelling in the feet, breathlessness? Are you…
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Facts about heart disease in women you should know

 Facts about heart disease in women you should know Real threat of heart disease: Did you know that as a woman you face the very real threat of heart disease? If you have been assuming that it is something that happens only to men and that as a woman you are immune from getting a…
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Understanding vaginal hysterectomy

What is vaginal hysterectomy ? Vaginal hysterectomy is the surgery that is done to remove the uterus through the vagina. The surgeon makes a cut in the vagina to reach the uterine blood vessels, connecting ligaments, Fallopian tubes and ovaries inside the pelvis to incise and separate them from the uterus. The freed uterus is…
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