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The First Period After Delivery

One of the great things about pregnancy is that during those nine months of pregnancy you are free from your periods. Now that you have finally delivered your baby you are probably wondering when your next period is going to be. The Period Isn't Really¬† A Period! The bleeding and discharge that you get post…
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New Delivery Technologies: Are They Safe?

Vaginal delivery is the most natural form of giving birth for normal, healthy pregnant women. However, with the increase of technology and modern medical practices, things have changed. For instance, most deliveries now take place in a hospital and are facilitated with technological means. More and more Caesarian sections are being performed. The goal has…
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What Is Post-Partum Hemorrhage?

Post-Partum Hemorrhage: Excessive bleeding after childbirth is called postpartum hemorrhage. This is a rare but serious complication of childbirth. Normally, there is some loss of blood after delivery but if this is more than 500 ml it constitutes an emergency as the mother's life could be at risk. Major Cause of Maternal Mortality: Postpartum hemorrhage…
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10 Ways To Look After Yourself After Delivery

Be prepared Gear up for a major change in your life. Both parents must realise that they have to adapt and be responsible for the new, living, human being in their life. Talking to each other and being supportive about feelings will help in enhancing the happiness about a new baby and reducing stress. Get…
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