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Induced labour : frequently asked questions

What is induced labour? When normal labour does not begin on its own naturally and the baby is overdue the labour has to be sometimes initiated with a little help from the doctor. This is called induced labour. Though natural onset of labour and normal delivery is by far the best, medical conditions that may…
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Blood Glucose Swings: All possible culprits

Blood Glucose Swings: All possible culprits and what should you watch out for before it gets too late. Have you ever suddenly felt dizzy, with streams of sweat running down your face or extreme weakness, or experienced an annoying headache throwing your entire routine off schedule? If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms…
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The Colour of Vaginal Discharge & What It Tells You

Vaginal discharge is an everyday occurrence in many women’s lives across the world, but what is it really? Does the change in its colour over the course of a month or even the course of our lives mean anything different or specific? Or are we just supposed to accept the God-gifted sensation of wetness quietly?…
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Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation

Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation Are Plenty, Whether You Are Pregnant Or Not! Whether your are in your Pre-Natal, Post-Natal phase or suffering from PCOS, ‘Yoga’ and ‘meditation’ are the two words that constantly run through our minds most of the days, either of their own accord, or each time we see a fit person…
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