This one is for you, Papa

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Fathers are an irreplaceable part of a child's life. The sense of security a father gives is unparalleled. With the increasing involvement of fathers in a child's life, right from being present in the labour room to changing diapers, fatherhood is redefined.
Being a girl, I know that a positive father-daughter relationship can have a huge impact on her life. It goes as deep as defining if she'd grow up to be a strong , confident woman. The father influences and shapes her self esteem and character. Although I have a fairly different perspective in life, but my father's approach, somehow is the foundation of my thought process.

Usually fathers take a backseat and shy away from the 'hormonal years' of their girls. But my father had an active role to play during my 'teeny' years. He advised, took care and discussed everything. He still does. In our home, we don't really know what shy means, Papa is a friend. This gave me the assurance to talk to him about anything and that is how it should be for every girl.

While growing up, I never realized that all those small pieces of information while sightseeing, the fine observations while travelling, were all a part of my early education. Fathers, can very well surprise you with their subtle and innovative teaching methods!

Whether it was about staying up late to make me sleep or crying while being on video call now, my father has outdone himself in every manner. I am a proud daughter, a confident woman, not scared to be opinionated with an unflinching determination because of you. Struggles don't scare me because I've seen you deal with them.  Thank you for never stopping me from being myself, for making me a career oriented woman who knows the importance of self-dependence, thank you for never holding me back. In times when people differentiate between sons and daughters, you raised me up like no one would raise their son. You don't match standards, you set them.

No matter how old I grow, I'll always be the little girl, held up in your arms watching the train pass by, up from the Aishbagh bridge.

Happy Father's Day!

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