Women’s Health Care Made Easy

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How Women's healthcare Made Easy with Doc N Me?

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, as they deal with all of the life’s major passages – birth, reproduction, ageing, and death. It has seen every major medical advance in recent years.

Although India has observed exciting growth in the medical field over the last two decades, maternal mortality still remains high as in comparison to many developing nations.

The primary reasons for the high levels of maternal mortality had directly related to disparities of economic conditions and cultural constraints limiting access to care.

Doc N Me tries to address barriers to women’s healthcare and services. Doc N Me is built upon a simple belief that good healthcare starts with relationships and collaboration between doctors and patients.

In addition to the providing of medical services, physicians have a responsibility to consider women’s well-being and psychological satisfaction with their gynaecology and obstetrics care.

Traditionally, patients tend to stick with the same doctor every time they visit – a characteristic the doctors value a lot. Doc N Me also realises the importance of patient loyalty in the life of an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

What we do:

For the Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Doc N Me provides

  • A cloud-based solution to manage and grow their practice.
  • Integrated practice management solution pre-loaded by recognised leaders in Gynecology and Obstetrics.
  • Ready-made templates and customising features make the use of technology a breeze for the doctors.
  • It allows the doctors to securely collaborate and communicate with patients, associates and peers.
  • Doctors and their patients form a close-knit society where both benefit from the collaboration.

For the woman patients, Doc N Me offers

  • A Secure convenient and efficient way to manage communications with the doctor.
  • It helps them avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor's clinic by using the collaboration tools.
  • These collaboration tools help to get answers from their own doctors for any follow ups and emergency situations
  • It also saves patient time by automated delivery for lab reports scans, prescription, notes.
  • The woman also gets access to an enormous body of validated medical information, with the potential for enhancing patient health education.

Who Are We?

Doc N Me is a women-centric healthcare app where Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and their patients walk the journey together towards high quality individualised, relationship-based healthcare.

We are a strong team of like-minded professionals spanning from software experts to domain experts and advisors working towards a single goal. The goal is Every woman in India has an access to a skilled health care professional for her needs.

Our idea took root in Jan 2015 in the small villages of Andhra Pradesh. We participated in the social health program for effectively improving health indicators among women and children done with a not-for-profit organisation. It brought out a multitude of disparities that exists in women’s healthcare in India.

The project also brought out how easily the less-literate rural women could adapt to the mobile technology. That is where the DOCnME journey began.

Simplicity is our key to success and we had guided by passion.

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