Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation

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Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation Are Plenty, Whether You Are Pregnant Or Not!

Whether your are in your Pre-Natal, Post-Natal phase or suffering from PCOS, ‘Yoga’ and ‘meditation’ are the two words that constantly run through our minds most of the days, either of their own accord, or each time we see a fit person or due to some elderly’s active advice. Both seem to be very beneficial all through our lives, irrespective of age, for a myriad reasons. However, they are extremely crucial for expecting and new moms.

Pregnancy is a wondrous time in a woman’s life. But once pregnancy is over, all glowing mothers are left with small joyous bundles and lots of new love handles to deal with! Of the all the tips bombarded on you throughout pregnancy, yoga and meditation appear repeatedly in the top five, along with nutritious meals, lots of ghee intake and regular vaccinations.

Yoga  Yoga and meditation offer you benefits second to none. Whether you wish to have a natural birth or a painless Caesarean section, to gain weight healthily every month during pregnancy or to lose it post-delivery, yoga and meditation, together as a team, check off all the boxes. This is true not just with pre-natal and post-natal concerns. Even in PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), yoga and meditation play a pivotal role in the prevention and cure processes.


Benefits of yoga and meditation:

Yoga helps Fighting insulin resistance:

The weight bearing asanas of yoga build up muscles that fight off insulin resistance, thereby fending off a major symptom of PCOS, insulin resistance. This also helps avoid gestational diabetes which is harmful for the mother and the unborn baby.


While pregnancy and child birth are indisputably some of the best times in a woman’s life, they do come with a lot of stresses, physical and mental – whether it be caring for yourself or preparing for delivery. The breathing techniques that accompany yoga and meditation will help you relax and make for easy labor when the time comes. These de-stressing techniques also help to combat psychological side-effects like depression, anxiety, etc. that are part and parcel of PCOS.

Pelvic Floor YogaOpening the pelvic area:

Regular yoga and meditation increases flexibility and strength. The endurance power of every individual also gets spiked up with a regular dose of yoga. Specific yoga asanas help to open up the pelvic area. This aids the birthing process. When coupled with meditation, it also helps in relaxation of the mind, and body– helping expectant mothers, new mothers and women with PCOS accept the changes that are occurring in the body, and brace the mind for the upcoming changes.


Along with calming the nerves, yogic exercises help increase energy levels and invigorate the person. The trying times of pregnancy, and late night child care, or dealing with the lethargy that accompanies insulin resistance in PCOS, demand an instant energy fix that helps you get through the day.

Yoga contributes to Balancing hormones:

Yoga and meditation are two spiritual portals that help to iron out most (if not all) hormonal imbalances. They keep the adrenaline, cortisol (stress hormone), and other hormones in check thereby aiding in smooth pregnancies and manageable PCOS symptoms.

MeditationImproving breathing:

The breathing exercises in yoga and the deep breaths taken during meditation help to fight off breathlessness and sleep apnea that often accompany the last trimester of pregnancy. Typically, the short as well as deep breaths taken for the different breathing exercises help against respiratory disorders, and help strengthen the lungs as well as diaphragm.

Enhancing the quality of sleep:

Deeper the slumber, better the body recuperates and builds up energy reserves for the next day. A good bout of yoga and meditation ensures high quality REM sleep perking up expectant mothers, energizing new mothers and relaxing ladies with PCOS.


Weight related issues like carpal tunnel syndrome or diabetes, that commonly accompany PCOS as well as pregnancy, or be it anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc. can be managed extremely well with a daily schedule of 30 minutes of yoga and meditation.

Whether it be the to ensure smooth sailing through pregnancy, or to help you just stay sane during the crazy early days of motherhood, or to ensure that you reduce the PCOS symptoms with minimal or no medications, yoga and meditation are miracle workers. It is imperative that you give them a chance to improve the quality of your life.










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