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Women's Health Made Easy

Expert advice at your fingertips

Reach out to an expert...

You can reach out to our pool of experts in your moments of anxiety, or simply to find a gynaecologist who suits your need.

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Laima Features

Track the things that matter

Keep a track of measurements important to your health, and share your progress with your doctor automatically.

Your Health Information at your finger tips

Storing years old medical files, reports and prescriptions is now redundant.Your doctor and you can upload and access all your health information easily, from any-where.

Laima Features

Receive treatment reminders from your own doctor

No one cares about your health more than your doctor and you deserve the best care possible. Receive reminders about your treatment, scans, tests and appointments from your own doctor, so you never forget.

Consult your doctor on chat at your convenience

When you just have to show your reports, or have a small question, it’s time to skip the queue. Use the ‘Ask’ feature to reach out to your doctor for follow up visits and in case of emergencies.

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