Recovery post hysterectomy : Key factors to fast recovery

Factors for fast recovery post hysterectomy  : Your recovery post hysterectomy will depend upon a lot of factors. The first would obviously be the reason why you got the hysterectomy in the first place. If you had suffered a lot of pain or bleeding before the operation you might have already been in a weakened…
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Knowing types of hysterectomy

Know the types of hysterectomy you have been advised If you have been advised a hysterectomy it may be worth your while to get a little info on the types of hysterectomy and what it entails before you go in for it. You might have already gathered that hysterectomy is a surgery done to remove…
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Hysterectomy for heavy periods

Hysterectomy for heavy periods : If you have been advised a hysterectomy for heavy periods that are irregular and persistent, then there are options to control the bleeding without having to give up your uterus. Options is to take birth control pills or a progesterone injection : One of these options is to take hormone…
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Alternatives to hysterectomy

Do you really don't need Hysterectomy? Here are alternatives to hysterectomy. You might be wondering by now that if you really don’t need that hysterectomy then what other options do you have to get relief from your condition.  Let us take a peek into those. It might help you make a right decision on different alternatives…
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